Grooben Schminkel (gone to live in Florida, USA)

There’s not much to see yet,
A few wooden blocks and a big piece of tree,
I need a name that no one will know,

Until The European Woodworking Show,
So from time to time here’s what we will do,
We will post some pictures to give you a clue,
To win a Glove Puppet give me a name,
The first one received will win if two are the same,
If you are not certain,

Come and meet me in person .


The European Woodworking Show 16th-17th September 2017
You can buy your tickets  and enter 


 It’s time again for us to share,

  Lenka, has decided what I should wear,

 I don’t mind about my clothes,

 Some leather and  some glasses for my nose,

 My name is all that matters to me,

 That you come to meet me, I want you to see,

 The show is not only about marionettes, it’s so much more,

 There are really clever people and tools galore,

 Come meet Sadatsugu Watanabe our man from Japan,

 No one works with wood the way that he can,

 Woodworking is what we are trying to promote,

 Wood turning or carving or making a boat,

 To see all of this if you still don’t know,

 Buy your Tickets to the European Woodworking Show,

 I know that this a bit of reputation,

 Don’t forget you can win a Glove Puppet in the competition.



It's time to share something that is really true,

I have a name thats completely new,

Grooben Schminkel isn't easy to say,

But it's my name now come what may,

There were lots of great names, some a bit of a lark,

In the end there was only one winner, his name was Ben Marks.


Price: Gone to live in Florida, USA