Petruschka (gone to live in USA)

I have no name, but as you can see

I am at the beach beside a tree,

My clothes are made of silk and leather

Not very good for English weather,

All I am missing is a name,

If you don't try, it would be shame,

Give me a name that I will love

And you may win a puppet that fits like a glove. 


So far he has no name. This marionette is 59 cm tall. His costume is made from soft leather, silk and velvet.

Your opportunity to win a hand carved Glove Puppet. All of my work is finished to the same standard, preserved in bees wax and painted by hand using oil paints. He would sell for £110. Just simply visit The European Woodworking Show's website and give it a go:


The winner will be selected on Sunday 13th September at 4 pm at the show.

So the show is over, the prize is won,
and with my new name my life begun
My name is PETRUSCHKA and nothing will rhyme,
I am sure it will, if we give it some time.
So for Sheila Tesh the let’s have a cheer,
A worthy winner that is quite clear,
and to see you again, we are really quite keen,
So we look forward to European Woodworking Show 2017.

Price: Gone to live in USA