The Alchemist (gone to live in USA)

We have changed the marionette to be named for the competition, sorry for the confusion, we thought the newr one will be a bigger challange for you, please see the page Gallery the marionette ,,no name''.

This marionette is fantasy creature. So far his only name is The Alchemist until Sunday the 13th of September 2015 when the competition ends to give him a name at the European Woodworking show in Essex 12th-13th of September 2015 . Why not try to win again one of my Glove Puppets when the competition opens.

His pictures were taken at Penshaw Monument outside of Sunderland, a beautiful place well worth the climb to the top , you can find their page on Facebook ,, Penshaw Monument-National Trust ''.

The Alchemist is 55 cm tall. His costume is made from soft leather, velvet and cotton..

Price: gone to live in USA