The Money-lender ,,Gobseck'' (gone to live in Brazil)

The wood I use is dried in the barn  for a long time, it's a natural process,  and when you start to carve sometimes there is a problem and I am left with lot of pieces of wood that were cut for different marionettes. This is a challenge for me so I decided to carve this Unique marionette and because I was been mean and saving this wood, I thought this character should be mean also so I carved a money-lender called ,,Gobseck'' and I am really happy the way he looks.

He is different, normally I draw the picture and then cut the wood and in my mind I know how he will look. This time it was surprise to me also.

His size is 55 cm tall. The costume is made from soft leather and velvet. The grey velvet I dyed myself, because I wanted it to suit his character.


Price: gone to live in Brazil